Loan with pension of 500 USD

admin / December 22, 2019

  Loan with a pension of 500 dollars: in 2019 is it possible to obtain a loan with a minimum pension? Loan with a minimum pension of 500 dollars: what kind of financing can we obtain with a pension of 500 dollars? Let’s go on with the exposure in a certain order: we briefly explain the concept of minimum pension…

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Car loan with guarantee

admin / December 20, 2019

  Car loans are used to finance a car and are secured above average thanks to its security transfer. Nevertheless, a good Schufa, as well as a sufficient income from work, is required for lending. In other cases, the car loan can be taken out together with a guarantor. This is responsible for paying the loan installments as soon as…

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Credit for Dental Implants operations

admin / December 16, 2019

Statutory and private health insurance companies only partially cover the cost of dentures according to a binding service catalog. Especially in the case of implants, there are often larger differences that the patient has to apply for a really optimal care. Therefore, the demand for a loan for dental implants is growing rapidly. The forms for credit for dental implants…

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Bank offers credit for temporary workers.

admin / December 14, 2019

  The credit for temporary workers can be summed up in words – the situation is serious, but not hopeless. Temporary workers do not have it that easy with their loan requests. The article provides more on the special situation of lending to temporary workers and solution options. The loan for temporary workers – the difficulties. Loan for temporary workers…

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Loans and loans to protesters with VAT number

admin / December 9, 2019

Loans and loans for vat protests We are about to face the problematic issue of loans to protestors with VAT number where we will examine the various forms of credit and financing to the protestant or that which, in concert, the law and the market offer to the so-called protested, that is, the one who has protests underway in order…

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